Our Services

Based in Geneva, Berr & Partners SA is a company founded in 1986 by the gemologist Thomas Berr providing :

  • Retail and wholesale purchase and sale of natural precious stones
  • Valuation of stones and antique jewelry
  • Custom-made jewelry service
  • Seminars and training for companies and individuals
Elke and Thomas Berr, both respected gemologists and gemstone hunters, personally obtain their stones from the mines in many countries worldwide. Thanks to a 20 years-long collaboration with various partners, they have the privilege of having access to one of the most prestigious mines globally, the Mogok mine in Burma, a source of rubies and sapphires of incomparable quality.
By dealing directly with local miners, Berr & Partners SA excludes intermediaries, thus guaranteeing the best purchase prices and complete traceability for your gems.
We only offer precious stones that have been the object of appraisal and authentication from the world’s most renowned laboratories.
Backed by an extensive network of independent associates, business partners, and financial experts, Berr & Partners SA closely monitors the market and its fluctuations to provide insight and offer relevant investment solutions.
We procure advisory services to companies and individuals as well as support their search and acquirement of precious gems in line with their (investment) needs.
Ethics Particularly attentive to defending and upholding the professional and ethical standards of the business, we are a member of various renowned trade associations.
  • Association Suisse des Négociants en Pierres Précieuses (ASNP)
  • International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA)
  • Société Suisse de Gemmologie (SGG SSG) Kimberley Process
  • Code Ethique Suisse
  • Custom-made creation

    Investment and pleasure are not mutually exclusive. Berr & Partners SA provides a custom-made service to its clients, whose preferences reside in wearing, gifting, or bringing added value to their gemstone.


    Riche d’un réseau de collaborateurs, de partenaires indépendants et d’experts financiers dense, Berr & Partners SA œuvre au plus près des marchés pour vous offrir également des solutions d’investissement pérennes/pertinentes.


    Nous conseillons et accompagnons particuliers et professionnels dans l’acquisition de pierres précieuses en fonction des besoins ou du montant de l’investissement souhaité et proposons si nécessaire une gestion active du portefeuille.


    Experts-gemmologues réputés, spécialisés dans les pierres précieuses de couleur, Elke et Thomas Berr se rendent régulièrement à la source à la recherche de gemmes d’exception.

    Grâce à une collaboration internationale de plus de 20 ans avec différents partenaires commerciaux, ils ont notamment le rare privilège d’avoir accès à l’une des mines les plus réputées au monde, Mogok en Birmanie, source encore active des plus beaux rubis et saphirs.


    Au plus près des producteurs, Berr & Partners SA limite ainsi les intermédiaires vous offrant – en plus d’une qualité et d’une traçabilité sans faille des pierres – la garantie de prix minorés.